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Site Assessments

Do We have on-site assessments ?

Yes We do provide site assessment

Determine the Load-Bearing Capacity: Before installing any heavy equipment on a concrete ceiling or false ceiling, we need to ensure that it can support the weight. Check the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling structure by consulting architectural plans, structural engineers, or building codes.

Evaluate the Space: Measure the available space on the ceiling where we plan to install the automated laundry rack. Consider the dimensions, clearance requirements, and any potential obstacles such as beams or electrical fixtures.

Check Electrical and Plumbing Connections: Determine if there are any electrical or plumbing connections running through the installation area. It’s important to avoid damaging or interfering with these utilities during the installation process.

Assess False Ceiling Structure: If you’re planning to install the laundry rack on a false ceiling, evaluate its construction and material. Ensure that the false ceiling can safely support the weight of the automated rack and accommodate the necessary structural modifications if required.

Consider Reinforcement Requirements: Depending on the weight of the laundry rack and the ceiling’s load-bearing capacity, we may need to reinforce the installation area. Consult with a structural engineer to determine if additional support, such as beams or brackets, is necessary.

Evaluate Accessibility: Assess the accessibility of the installation area. Consider factors like ease of installation, maintenance requirements, and any necessary access points for servicing or repairs.

Determine Structural Integrity: Inspect the overall condition and integrity of the concrete ceiling and false ceiling. Look for signs of cracks, water damage, or structural weakness that could affect the installation or compromise safety.

Compliance with Building Codes: Ensure that the installation of an automated laundry rack on the ceiling complies with local building codes and regulations. Check if any permits or approvals are required before proceeding with the installation.

Seek Professional Assistance: It’s advisable to consult with professionals such as architects, structural engineers, or experienced contractors who specialize in installing heavy equipment on ceilings. They can provide expert advice and guidance based on the specific requirements of your site.

Virtual Area Assessment via Pictures and Videos on WhatsApp

Capture Media

Send via WhatsApp




To begin your virtual area assessment, simply follow these steps:

Capture clear pictures and videos of the area you want assessed.

Send the media files along with any specific requirements to WhatsApp

Our team will analyze the media and prepare an assessment report for you

Thank you for considering our virtual area assessment service. We look forward to providing you with valuable insights and recommendations for your space with Smartvard Automated Laundry System.

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