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Installation Guide

Can it be installed on false ceiling, concrete ceiling and balcony?

178 Smart Care Pte Ltd installer team is trained certified electrician to do the installation to provide safe installation on false ceiling, concrete ceiling and balcony, special technique to add support connecting to the actual concrete slab ceiling, ensuring strong support to the system. We can only provide installation services for products bought from us.

Standard Installation

Installation of existing lighting point on concrete ceiling or given a point, below height not more than 3m. Will not be charge.
Free Standard Installation for:
1. Concrete ceiling
2. Ceiling Height 3m or less
3. Tap from lighting point on the ceiling within 1m with pvc wire case
4. Given a point on Concrete ceiling

Charges for Non-Standard Installation

1. False ceiling Installation additional charges 
2.  Additional Cable Laying for 3 pin plug installation $60 with pvc wire case ( For 3-5m wiring distance )
3.  Additional cable laying for switch socket point installation $60 with pvc wire case ( For 3-5m wiring distance )

Special Installation Requirement

Installation height more than 3m
Additional: Will be charge.
Installation on false ceiling
Additional: Will be charge.

Special routing for electrical tapping and casing.

Additional: Depending on distance of electrical tapping source. If you are unsure if your current laundry area, please contact 178 Smartcare we offer free consultation.

Are there any electrical requirements?

Require a minimum of 6 Ampere to function. On the other hand, it also works on 13 Ampere (2.5 m㎡ cable) to function. We offer various power source options and will recommend the best option that is most compatible to your space.

Are there any installation charges?

Standard Installation is free of charge in Singapore with purchase of any model on concrete ceiling height with existing lighting point not more than 1m. 178 Smartcare also provides dismantling and disposal of your existing laundry rack, will also patch up the holes in the concrete ceiling left by the previous laundry rack. However, we do not provide any painting services on the same day of installation.

Virtual Area Assessment via Pictures and Videos on WhatsApp

Capture Media
Send via WhatsApp
To begin your virtual area assessment, simply follow these steps:
Capture clear pictures and videos of the area you want assessed.
Send the media files along with any specific requirements to WhatsApp
Our team will analyze the media and prepare an assessment report for you
Thank you for considering our virtual area assessment service. We look forward to providing you with valuable insights and recommendations for your space with Smartvard Automated Laundry System.

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