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Have an existing manual system?

Let us do the heavy lifting! We’ll dismantle your old clothes rack system and patch up ceiling holes all without any additional charges.

Wondering if you can push automated laundry system out of the window?

The Answer is no, it is for indoor system. Our automated laundry system have been meticulously engineered to surpass the efficiency of conventional manual systems. Here’s how they outshine the traditional methods.

Streamlined Efficiency Our systems automate the entire laundry process, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual sorting, hanging, and monitoring. This streamlined approach means you can enjoy more free time while your laundry takes care of itself Precision Drying: Our racks utilize advanced sensors and technology to ensure optimal drying conditions.

Discover the convenience of Smartvard automated laundry rack with extendable poles. Now, drying bed sheets and blankets is easier than ever before.

Any maintenance require?

Our automated laundry rack requires zero maintenance, making laundry a breeze. However, you can use a vacuum cleaner suction to keep the ventilator clean. Lets Connect with our Sale team which system fit your space and needs.

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